John Wilson Gold Seal

In the opinion of many, the blade by which all others are judged!

We normally carry stock of Standard blades from 9 inch to 11.25″
Parabolic in metal from 9 to 10 inch
Rev with para runner 9.25 to 10 inch

In the opinion of many, the blade by which all others are judged!

This Ice Figure Skating blade, the Gold Seal from John Wilson has a unique front to back shape which has been and still is a great favourite of many a senior skater. The blade was designed many years ago and even though variants have been developed by John Wilson such as the Parabolic and the Revolution (lighter weight chassis) this shape is maintained and yet to be bettered.

The Gold Seal blade won more Gold Medals than any other model at Sochi 2014. Coincidence? We think not. Perhaps the most widely recommended blade by Russian coaches, this blade delivers for freestyle and pairs skaters seeking an optimal spinning experience. Due to its higher heel stanchion, unique compound radius and tapered/hollow ground features, skaters report experiencing effortless spins and control in their footwork sequences and edge jumps. Trusted and worn by Evgenia Medvedeva.

Most popular sizes stocked in standard, Parabolic and Revolution with parabolic runners

gold seal rev 470x91 - John Wilson Gold Seal


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