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We pride ourselves on the range of boots we offer to clients. Currently we mainly carry boots from Edea and maintain a stock of popular sizes in their Overture, Chorus and Ice Fly models; but we can also supply boots from Jackson, Risport and Riedell. Please contact us if you have any queries.
Ian Robertson


Delighted to announce the arrival in New Zealand of the first pairs of Avanta skating boots. These have an impeccable pedigree as they were originally designed by Klingbeil who supplied boots to many a famous skater.


Newly added to our range, we supply the Chorus, Concerto and Ice Fly models

Jackson Ultima

Wide range of excellent boots, some available in a variety of widths. We can ship in quite quickly providing the factory has stock available. We do have some stock.


A great favourite of many International skaters supplying the very popular Rf4, Rf3, Rf2 and Dance boots. We will be starting initially with RF2, mainly RF3 and some RF light.

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